Shawn Gallagher Featured in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Fixed operations manager Shawn Gallagher spoke with the Northern Nevada Business Weekly regarding Peterbilt’s decade-long support of the Reno Aces.


As of mid-March, Edelstein said the vast majority of the team’s corporate sponsors have also either rolled over or renewed their payments for the 2021 season.

“We’re maybe down 25% of where I would expect us to be at this time,” he said. “But, all things considered, that’s 75% up from where we were a year ago when everything went to zero.”

And like ticket sales, he expects sponsorship sales to grow as the team gets closer to opening day, and especially after fans start filling the park.

“We’re down from where we were historically, but we have a really nice base and we have a lot of interest out there,” he said.

To that end, Edelstein said corporate sponsorships are “vital” and “invaluable” to the Aces, accounting for “more than one-third” of the team’s revenue. This, Edelstein said, enables the team to offer tickets at affordable, family-friendly rates.

Which is one of the reasons Greater Nevada Credit Union (GNCU), the title sponsor of Greater Nevada Field, signed a 15-year partnership and naming rights agreement with the Aces in 2016, said Michael Thomas, vice president of marketing at GNCU.

“We support what Greater Nevada Field does for the community as a gathering place,” Thomas said. “I think it’s important for any organization to strategically look and say, hey, can we achieve our marketing objectives and at the same time allow a greater good in the community?

“And I think that’s why the partnership side makes sense,” he continued. “You get to have the experience of, yes, it’s achieving my marketing goals, but also by giving funds that are necessary for the Reno Aces to operate so they can put an affordable product on the field, and more families can afford to see a game. And from an economic standpoint, it just makes the community more attractive overall. Baseball and entertainment are another mix to not only recruit people that want to come work here or choose Reno to invest as a business owner or corporate entity, but also keep them in the community.”

Peterbilt Truck Parts and Equipment and Silver State International have also been a longtime partner of the Reno Aces, sponsoring the team’s Military Appreciation Night for about a decade, said Shawn Gallagher with Peterbilt Truck Parts and Equipment and Silver State International.

Along with the company’s staff being avid baseball fans and military supporters, Gallagher said being a corporate sponsor for the Aces brings in plenty of new business.

“We’ve got an awful lot of billboards and a lot of digital advertising out there that we take advantage of that I really appreciate,” Gallagher said. “Many of the fans, through some six-degree of separation, are a customer of ours or a customer’s customer of ours, so I like being in front of those folks.

“Not to mention, this is a really beautiful stadium in a community that needs an outlet. I mean, there’s a lot of fun things to do in this town, but what a nice place to go.”


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