As Seen in NNBW: People: Mike Altimus named president of Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment and Silver State International

Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment and Silver State International announced that Mike Altimus has been promoted to President.

With a tenure of more than 30 years, Altimus’ journey with Silver State International and Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment began when he joined as a parts runner at the age of 18.

As he moved up through the ranks, Altimus served in parts sales, outside sales, and eventually as a parts manager.

In 2007, owner of Silver State International, John Phillips purchased the Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment dealership, and brought the two management teams together.

Altimus was promoted to the director of parts for both dealerships, allowing him the opportunity to manage a $20 million per year department.

In 2010, Altimus was promoted to general manager, and after three years in that role, to vice president/general manager of both companies.

Altimus has a wealth of leadership experience in ensuring that the company meets set goals, plans for growth, leads the market, and continues to have financial security.

In his new role, Altimus will be responsible for achieving business goals and growth, developing strategic partnerships with key customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, as well as fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation within the two companies.

Altimus supports many local high school sports and clubs. He also has engaged with organizations like Project Bear Hugs, Special Olympics, and Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation.

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