“We always use this Peterbilt in Sparks. They are the only shop we’ve been to that actually stands behind their work. They can be pricey, but we learned in November after going into 3 different shops on the road and a tow bill, that it is always best to go back to Peterbilt in Sparks. Mike and Rick are the best. We always recommend Peterbilt in Sparks. I hope that the Peterbilt in Kansas City is just as good cause we have an issue now, but we will see tomorrow, being today New Year’s, everything is closed. Also, the body shop is awesome they do excellent work and on time. We can’t thank you enough for all you guys do. See you soon for overhead that’s due.”
Kathy Clinton
“Service was excellent. Got my truck in and fixed as promised. That doesn’t seem to happen very often anymore. Great job guys!!”
Jason Quandt
“Bought a truck used and test drove it and discovered it had an issue! Salesman Jay took care of its mechanics, rebuilt the engine at no extra cost and had it finished within a week! Jay you rock!!!”
Don Bohan
“These guys are the best. Been doing business with them for almost 40 years.”
Scott Palmer
“Very nice Peterbilt dealership and the parts guys were definitely helpful!”
“Great service! Great people!
Parts on time and priced fair.”
John Tommila
“Always have the parts I need.”
Donny Paige
“Friendly and professional.”
Troy O’Connor
“Great customer service. Especially from the guys in the warehouse.”
Jesse Brown
“They have the part you need and work very hard every buddy is helpful.”
Lee Pearson
“All staff is friendly, courteous and helpful!”
Maggie Flores


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